Unemployment Compensation

In order to be eligible to receive unemployment compensation, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • You must be unemployed at the time you file for benefits,
  • You must have at least 20 qualifying weeks of covered employment in the base period, and
  • You must have earned an average weekly wage of at least $222.00 (*NOTE: this amount changes every year).

You should file your application for unemployment benefits as soon as you become unemployed. Your claim will begin the Sunday of the calendar week in which it is filed. Waiting more than a full week to file your application will postpone the beginning of your claim, and no benefits will be paid for weeks of unemployment that occur prior to the week of filing.

Unemployment benefits appeals have strict deadlines. Failure to meet these deadlines can result in a loss of benefits you deserve.  We have extensive experience assisting individuals obtain unemployment benefits, as well as representing individuals in unemployment appeals and hearings in front of the Unemployment Compensation Review Commission.

For more information on Unemployment Compensation, contact your New York City employment lawyer or visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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